Let us do a Pop-Up Adventure Playground for your event or organization!

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds are child-led events using loose parts (such as cardboard, fabric, tape and string, etc.) and staffed by playworkers.  They encourage risk and freedom and highlight the ways in which play leads to a healthy life for all ages and abilities. Interested in having us hold a pop-up adventure playground at your house/school/event?   We’d love to!!


“My two (aged 10 and 6) said it was the best day ever.”

– Rosie Carnahan-Darby, parent

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Each situation is different so please communicate with us your ideas for our involvement.  Our average Pop-Up will involve around 50-100 kids over 2-3 hours, with costs ranging from $250 and up.  At this time we are only able to do pop-ups when parents and/or teachers are attending but hope to allow an adult free scenario soon!

Please contact us for a quote or questions on how to set up your pop-up!  661.670.8663 or info@scvadventureplay.com

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