Eureka Villa will be the home to an incredible play space and will be the 7th permanent adventure playground in North America!  Located in the northern part of Los Angeles County in Val Verde, CA, Eureka Villa had a previous life as a park and after about 30 years to grow it is wild and wonderful!  Eureka Villa is just shy of 2 acres and contains within its boundaries over 118 trees!  This includes Palm Trees, Heritage Oaks, Australian Silver Ferns, Eucalyptus Trees, Elms, Cottonwoods, Pines, Elderberry Bushes, a truly magnificent Pacific Oak (our “mother” tree) and more!  Not only do we have such an incredible selection of trees, due to the age of the park, most are over 100 feet tall!  We have 2 working stone grills, tire swings, and a few picnic benches still able to hold bodies.

Dallas would like to give you a tour!


EUREKA VILLA – Fly Through! from SCV Adventure Play/Eureka Villa on Vimeo.



The beautiful Eureka Villa in Spring. Heaven


Even though it is a perfect place to play we still would like to make adjustments to make sure our players and family are able to stay and play as long as they would like!  This means setting up portable bathrooms, storage facilities, a tree assessment, and water and power access.  Help us get this wonderful opportunity off the ground by making a donation, volunteering, or helping with a service you provide but visiting our Support us Page.

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