A bit about Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play…

Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) Adventure Play is a group that advocates free play for children and adults.  We believe that physical and mental space for free play is an essential piece of a healthy and happy life, as well as access to nature, a supportive community, and a measure of the benefits of risk.

What is free play?

Free Play is what happens when we takea  way the structures and expectations of “Adulterated” or Product-based play.  It allows us to make use of our own curiousities about the world, giving a space in which we can take calculated risks to learn about our relation to the environment.  Free Play inherently promotes learning, social interaction, problem solving skills, stress relief and many other benefits.  For further information, research, and writing on free play please visit our Research and Resources page.

What does SCV Adventure Play do?

  • We engage the community to find people and places to come together and make our lives a little more playful.
  • We do Pop-up Adventure Playgrounds, where we gather in a temporary space and provide loose parts to manipulate, construct, deconstruct, and just play with.  During these events we act as playworkers, creating an environment that is safe and supportive to enable players to freely explore their ideas.
  • We offer our services to analyze and evaluate spaces for play and education on playworking.
  • We talk and/or workshop with people interested in free play, adventure playgrounds, the benefits of risk for children, or the theory of loose parts.


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The Founders


Jeremiah play bio pic

Jeremiah Dockray is a preschool teacher and playworker, TV and film editor, and a co-founder of SCV Adventure Play and Eureka Villa.
While studying film at the College of Santa Fe in his home state of New Mexico, Jeremiah would often spend his summers in the Colorado mountains as a camp counselor where he learned about the importance of access to play and nature for kids.  After graduation Jeremiah moved to California and worked in the TV industry for over a decade.
In 2012, he discovered the concept of Adventure Playgrounds, and was happy to discover a thriving movement to join.  Shortly after Jeremiah signed up for the Pop-up Adventure Play Playworker Development course and began to shift his focus to once again work with kids.  While fulfilling an assignment for the course Jeremiah discovered a 30 year abandoned park in his community of Val Verde, CA.  A few months later Eureka Villa was born as Jeremiah and his wife Erica purchased the plot to develop into the seventh permanent adventure playground in the US and the first in Los Angeles County.
Currently Jeremiah devotes the majority of his time to developing SCV Adventure play though offering consultations, pop-up adventure playgrounds, Eureka Villa site visits and presentations on the importance of play.  He has presented at the Ithaca Play Symposium, CalArts, and College of the Canyons.  He also facilitates the construction studio and after school program at A Little Patch of Earth in Newhall, CA and is a founding member of the North American Adventure Play Association as well as a director on the Castaic Area Town Council.





Erica Larsen-Dockray is a native of Scottsbluff, NE. Aside from Co-Founding SCV Adventure Play, Erica is currently an adjunct faculty at her alma mater, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), in the Film/Video school’s experimental animation program where she teaches under camera animation techniques and critical studies of female representation in animation. She is also a teaching artist at Inner-City Arts in downtown Los Angeles teaching Animation to 7-12th grades. In addition to her teaching, Erica has co-founded Calibraska Arts Initiative where she returns to her home state with California based artists to facilitate multi-generational summer art camps.
Her art practice includes hybrid installations consisting of varying elements such as painting, moving image, dance, theater, interactivity, and experimental projection.  Her work has been shown in galleries such as the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, and internationally including Art Festival Kesenian Indonesia in Isi Surakarta, Indonesia.
Erica was introduced to the concept of adventure playgrounds through her husband Jeremiah and since has reformed her approach to teaching to utilize play as the device to introduce her students to the various aspects of art-making and learning processes.  She also is a founding member of the North American Adventure Play Association, serves as the Public Relations Director on the Val Verde Civic Association and is a leader on the Santa Clarita Valley CalArts Alumni Chapter.

More information on our future plans as an organization

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