Andy is here. Andy is cool.

andy_proshotWe are happy to announce we are hosting Pop-Up Adventure Play’s newest member, Andy Hinchcliffe, for the next 9 weeks!  He will be joining us as an advisor, pal, playworker, and helping us out with the formation of Eureka Villa and more!

Andy has more than ten years’ experience in Playwork, beginning as a volunteer and progressing on to managing a Community and Children’s Centre in an area of high-deprivation in the UK. He has designed, campaigned for and managed provision across the district, providing extensive services to local residents from pre-birth to recreational activities for the elderly, always with play at its heart.

He graduated in 2012 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Playwork, and has begun the process at the doctoral level. With Professor Fraser Brown’s charity, Andy has supported a residential play- scheme in Romania with some of the most deprived children in Europe. The scheme allows the children to detach from their otherwise desperate lives, to play, relax and enjoy a short period of unfettered childhood.
Andy is a valued and experienced tutor on Pop-Up Adventure Play’s twelve-module distance-learning Playwork Development Course. He first served as a board member, and has now moved on to working full time with the organisation running workshops and pop-up adventure playgrounds in countries around the world including the UK, USA and Costa Rica.

In addition to all this wonderfulness, he’s always got some great playworking stories and knowledge to share as we continue our adventure!

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