Something BIG is coming in February 2017!!

We are delighted to announce an upcoming “Campference”!!  We are hosting this camp/conference as part of our priceless connection with Pop-up Adventure Play out of the UK.

In many of our experiences of facilitating adventure play whether as a pop-up temporary event or on our permanent site of Eureka Villa one thing stands out as vital to the environment of free-play and that is PLAYWORK!

Playwork is the focus of this event so it is natural we would give attendees the opportunity to camp on Eureka Villa, our budding permanent adventure playgrounds site here in beautiful Val Verde, CA.  Much is being coordinated still but this event will be a sure no miss if you are interested in the path of playwork and its possibility of transforming our relationship to kids, play, and the primal need to explore.

The campference will include on the ground activities, workshops, reflections, and practice of playwork.  There will also be exclusive key note speakers and a screening.  Please fill out an interest form if you want to join us for this very special International event here

Feel free to reach out to either pop-up adventure play or us if you have any questions or seek further information.


Hope to see you in February!!



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