Help us get the $100,000.00 LA 2050 PLAY GRANT!!


SCV Adventure Play is teaming up with Pop-up Adventure Play of the UK who will send an official play-worker to expand our pop-up adventure playgrounds into low income communities throughout LA County and help these areas cultivate their own play culture and spaces. It will also further develop “Eureka Villa” a permanent adventure playground in Northern LA County as a destination for young people to play on a beautiful 2 acre wild space and serve as a training ground for future play-workers.

Watch our video where we talk about what we’re up to!

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Here is bit more about our project:

What we can do to make LA the best place to play is provide a space and materials where people can vibrantly engage in play that stretches their abilities, gives them exercise, challenges their problem-solving skills, and encourages socialization.

Adventure Play is different than typical play spaces and activities because it is totally open-ended, player-led, multifaceted, believes in the concept of play-workers to support kids with or without parental supervision, and is adaptive to any culture and community. One of the best things about adventure play is that it is ever evolving to the needs of the participants, as projects are created and destroyed, as materials come and go within the landscape, and interests and focus change.

We will help kids get out of the home and back into the parks and playgrounds by giving them time and materials to explore their areas and meet and connect with neighbors. It will help foster community by getting families and neighbors together creating safer neighborhoods for kids and adults alike. The more people playing outdoors the safer it is.

Our play-work education program will continually support free play and its benefits by outfitting others with the ability to facilitate more free-play events in numerous communities and homes in L.A. County with the goal of improving the quality of life through play for all. Adventure play supports implementing and engaging neighborhoods to claim spaces to play in which may be otherwise unused. Many pop-up adventure playgrounds can restore empty or vacant lots into vibrant play spaces just by adding kids, loose parts and cardboard boxes.

In addition, our outreach for play will continue to look for places where we can help facilitate and expand play opportunities in LA County. Our philosophy is that play is a human right, a social issue rather than only a parenting one.

With the support of this grant, the start-up of Eureka Villa will give LA County claim to the 7th Adventure Playground in the United States. Eureka Villa will also be one of the only locations in the US to develop regular play-work training program which will produce individuals skilled in the psychology of play and further the reach of our mission to make open-ended play a priority in children’s lives. At this point such programs exist primarily in Europe. Eureka Villa will serve as a hub for play-work training in the western hemisphere.


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