A bit about where we are and where we are going…

Since March of 2014 we have been holding pop-ups on a regular basis in the Santa Clarita Valley in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita, The Art Tree, and Pop-up Adventure Play’s U.S. tour. The pop-ups usually consist of; 2 to 3 devoted playworkers, a small space, loads of boxes, string, fabric, used or recycled materials and a few hours allowing all who come by to make, create, and invent.

In February 2014 Jeremiah Dockray and Erica Larsen, founders of SCV Adventure Play, purchased a nearly 2 acre, 30 year abandoned, park in Val Verde, CA as the future site of “Eureka Villa” a permanent adventure play space and hopeful hub of study and education in the movement to offer non-product based activity for children and adults alike.

We are now entering our 2nd phase which is devoted to developing the park and expanding the pop-ups within and beyond Santa Clarita Valley. Regarding the park, we are researching and quoting various improvements for it to be made available for the public. This includes arborist assessments on the nearly 30 various types of trees on the property, re-fencing the parameter, brush clearance, and hopefully water setup and power accessibility. Once this cleanup is done, we will hold a soft opening of the Adventure Playground. For the Pop-ups, this includes the purchase of a “Pop-up Truck”, a box truck to be used as storage and transportation (currently all materials are stored in the founder’s garage and is loaded and unloaded into their cars for each pop-up).

Phase 3 is to formalize the park and launch a playwork program. In this phase, our goal is to develop the space as a community, build bathroom facilities on the property, begin an educational program specializing in playworking, and open fully to the public as an adventure playground and gathering space. We were advised by the Pop-up Adventure Play group and Grant Lambie, a play space developer, to keep our evolution organic and allow the community to develop the space as much as possible which means this phase is largely determined by the community surrounding and engaging with the space.

Here are some walk throughs of the future Eureka Villa:

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