Hello there, playful people…it is that time of year again! We have been approved to join the LA2050 Grants Challenge for a chance to be funded with $100,00o. This award would help us to put some much-needed fencing and utilities together at Eureka Villa, as well as fund playworkers for ONE YEAR of free Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds around LA County! It’s very exciting, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! There is a public… Read More

WE NEED DONATIONS!  LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO DONATE ANY OF THESE ITEMS AND WE WILL COME AND GET THEM.   **Please make sure your donated items are washed and cleaned before pick-up** Cardboard boxes big and small! Fabric DUCT TAPE Rope or String Containers (buckets or things that can be re-used, i.e. yogurt containers, coffee cans, tin cans, etc.) Box Cutters (These would be for playworkers and volunteers ONLY…we… Read More

We have a slew of events and pop-ups coming up to get the word on on our Grant Challenge!  With Andy staying with us we can do so much more! OCTOBER EVENTS 10/15   10-11a – ARTOBER Central Park, Santa Clarita – 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd 10/15  2:30-6p – CALARTS ALUMNI AND PARENTS WEEKEND Valencia – 2700 McBean Parkway 10/18 9a – LA 2050 GRANT CHALLENGE VOTING STARTS!  10/21  1-4p – OPEN… Read More

We are happy to announce we are hosting Pop-Up Adventure Play’s newest member, Andy Hinchcliffe, for the next 9 weeks!  He will be joining us as an advisor, pal, playworker, and helping us out with the formation of Eureka Villa and more! Andy has more than ten years’ experience in Playwork, beginning as a volunteer and progressing on to managing a Community and Children’s Centre in an area of high-deprivation in the UK…. Read More

  Registration Open for Upcoming One of a Kind Playwork Campference February 16-19, 2017 in Val Verde, CA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9/20/2016   Val Verde, CA – February 16-19, 2017 – UK based Pop-up Adventure Play is teaming up with Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play to host a first time Playwork Campference in Val Verde, CA February 16-19th 2017.   The Campference will headline Professor Fraser Brown, Head of Playwork at Leeds… Read More

We are so lucky here in Val Verde! We have the best neighbors who will give up a Saturday to help us get Eureka Villa cleaned up as well as lend their tractors, bobcats, trailers, trucks, tools…. the list goes on.  Dealing with trees, leaves, dirt and brush void of any care for around 30 years is a big job and we took our first stab at it September 10th, 2016. Local builders… Read More

Let us do a pop-up adventure playground for you! Interested in having us hold a pop-up adventure playground at your house/school/event?   We’d love to!! Each situation is different so please communicate with us your ideas for our involvement.  At this time we are only able to do pop-ups when parents and/or teachers are attending but hope to allow an adult free scenario soon! Play Date Pop-up 1 hour, 10 kids with Parents/Teachers… Read More

We are delighted to announce an upcoming “Campference”!!  We are hosting this camp/conference as part of our priceless connection with Pop-up Adventure Play out of the UK. In many of our experiences of facilitating adventure play whether as a pop-up temporary event or on our permanent site of Eureka Villa one thing stands out as vital to the environment of free-play and that is PLAYWORK! Playwork is the focus of this event… Read More

Since March of 2014 we have been holding pop-ups on a regular basis in the Santa Clarita Valley in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita, The Art Tree, and Pop-up Adventure Play’s U.S. tour. The pop-ups usually consist of; 2 to 3 devoted playworkers, a small space, loads of boxes, string, fabric, used or recycled materials and a few hours allowing all who come by to make, create, and invent. In… Read More