A blog post about a recent adventure at Eureka Villa! by Alex Coté   The girls built it themselves. One treehouse has led to another at Eureka Villa, which is perfect, because while I had a hand in setting up the first one, the second one came entirely from the children. From one girl in particular, in fact, who I’ve been told had been wanting to make a treehouse since long before… Read More

The tire-swinging, bug catching, fort-building days full of play with peers that many of us remember are not lost! With the lessons of adventure playgrounds and playwork, the philosophy that guides them, we can make child-led play available to more kids. This workshop will be mixed lecture and discussion. It is intended for anyone who has contact with children including parents, ECE, teachers, etc. This workshop is an introduction and is suitable… Read More

by Alex Coté The Autry Museum of the American West was bustling with activity, but it wasnʼt because a famous artist was present or a new gallery had opened. Instead, the art museumʼs muralled central room bustled with the ideas of children busily clicking Lego together, erecting a village of cardboard box forts, and laughing with joy from nothing more than a few pieces of string and clothespins at our largest Pop-Up… Read More

by Alex Coté When I first learned about playwork,  it crystallized everything I’d been feeling about working with kids and the discomfort I felt about what I was being taught in other settings. My questions disappeared (“Why can’t I let kids climb up the slide? Why shouldn’t they jump off the bench? What’s so bad about playing in the rain?”) and were replaced by all new questions (“Is this possible in the… Read More

WE NEED DONATIONS!  LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO DONATE ANY OF THESE ITEMS AND WE WILL COME AND GET THEM.   **Please make sure your donated items are washed and cleaned before pick-up** Cardboard boxes big and small! Fabric DUCT TAPE Rope or String Containers (buckets or things that can be re-used, i.e. yogurt containers, coffee cans, tin cans, etc.) Box Cutters (These would be for playworkers and volunteers ONLY…we… Read More